Standards Compliant Electronic Medical Record and
Device Interoperability Framework

About Our Project

SEECS NUST, Pakistan's leading engineering university and TeleSehat, an outstanding Telemedicine solution provider have collaborated to come to a single platform to develop and implement a cutting edge new age E-health services technology. Electronic medical record usage is growing in healthcare organizations. Several proprietary as well as open source medial record systems have also emerged over last few years. However, Existing EMR implementations focus on low level device calibration and integration. The lack of fluid device integration has historically caused thousands of human errors (and ultimately patient deaths) even in the technologically advanced parts of the world. With the emerging standardization efforts under HL7 and IHE the need of an integrated solution is escalating. "The project proposes a novel methodology for, firstly, providing semantic interoperability and device level integration for seamless communication, and secondly, developing an integrated network of plug-n-play devices as an enabler for intelligent clinical decision support." This technology has huge commercial potential and can bring Pakistan on the fore front of research and technical development in e-health services.



  • To foster collaboration among academia and industry in the domain of e-healthcare within Pakistan and outside Pakistan.
  • To make NUST-SEECS a world renowned center of excellence in research and development of e-healthcare systems.
  • To lay the foundation for device interoperability framework research and development.
  • To support MS thesis and PhD dissertation through research in the area of semantic web and electronic healthcare management systems.
  • To train a team of students for research and development on state of the art e-health and semantic web technologies.


  • To propose design and carry out implementation of a semantic healthcare system having HL7 V3 compliant interfaces for global interoperability.
  • To provide state of the art standard compliant EMR system with built-in device interoperability framework.
  • To lay down a foundation for data sharing with electronic health record system at regional or national level.


  • To investigate design and architecture of semantic enabled EMR system based on real requirements. It will lay the foundation for the semantic analysis to achieve evidence based cure management.
  • To design a system that separates clinical concerns from technical design of health information system.
  • To achieve ISO, OpenEHR and HL7 compliance in healthcare system design.
  • To provide a complete standard based electronic medical record system.
  • To normalize data architecture supported by legacy health systems.
  • To design integration framework for communication with various medical diagnostic devices.


  • Semantics Based Architecture: Proposing system architecture based on semantics is fairly complex system designing problem. It needs on the one hand gathering real requirements from the health providers and embedding these in semantics based architecture on the other hand needs to solve many other associated issues.
  • Addressing EMR Interoperability: Conforming to a single standard in the presence of a number of competing standards (e.g. HL7 CDA, EHRcom 2004, openEHR) does not solve the interoperability problem. It rather adds to the complexity. An integrated and synergized solution is required to target both content and communication layer for semantic interoperability.
  • Supporting variety of legacy EHR systems: Developing a unified interface for communication with existing healthcare systems is a challenging task.
  • Interfacing with protocols non-compliant Imaging Devices:Interfacing the medical imaging devices which are non-compliant with protocols like HL7 and DICOM.
  • Managing Remotely:Remote management of the image archiving and reporting workflow.
  • Information Transportation:Transportation of electrocardiography and laboratory test information.