Standards Compliant Electronic Medical Record and
Device Interoperability Framework


  • Publications in flagship HL7 conference (IHIC) as well as in an impact factor journal.
  • Clinical decision support module deployed at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.
  • Clinical terminology service module delivered to Shaukat Khanum Hospital.
  • OSGi based highly scalable EMR framework.
  • Open source implementation of highly scalable triplestore using Neo4J.
  • Open source implementation of clinical documents and images storage system using MongoDB.
  • Health hub by Ms. Sidra Javed and Saher Gul and Sundus Mariya has been selected for Build-A-Business Workshop in Pakistan Startup Cup.
  • Med-Vision by Muhammad Umer Khan, Joveria Rubab, Aakifa Ishtiaq has received special recognition for their efforts but lost by a very small margin for still being under development in Pakistan Startup Cup.
  • Ms. Sidra Javed, Saher Gul and Sundus Mariya has won the Runner-Up prize in FICS 2015 competition. They are awarded with the cash prize of 50,000 PKR.


Sr. No. Title Conference/Journal Authors
1. Integrating Terminologies and Services using Semantic Web Standards ​14th International HL7 Interoperability Conference (IHIC) Sidra Shahbaz​, Khalid Latif, Maqbool Hussain​, Muhammad Afzal​, Farooq Ahmad

2. Recommendations service for chronic disease patient in multi-model sensors home environment Tele-medicine journal and e-Health​  Maqbool Hussain, Taqdir Ali, Wajahat Ali Khan, Sungyoung Lee and Khalid Latif

3. Formal reliability analysis of a typical FHIR standard based e-Health system using PRISM e-Health Networking, Applications and Services (Healthcom), 2014 IEEE 16th International Conference​  U. Pervez, O. Hasan, Khalid Latif, S. Tahar, A. Gawanmeh, M.S. Hamdi

4. Healthcare Data Validation and conformance Testing Approach using rule based reasoning HIS 2015 Melbourne Australia​  Hira Jawaid, Khalid Latif, Hamid Mukhtar, Farooq Ahmad, Syed Ali Raza

5. Middleware for Medical Device Interoperability using Ontology-based Description and Mapping e-health Networking, Application and Services (Healthcom), 2015 IEEE 17th International Conference  Asiah Mahmood , Farooq Ahmed, Khalid Latif , Hamid Mukhtar and Syed Ali Raza

6. Formal Reliability analysis of Device Interoperability Middleware (DIM) based E-health system using PRISM IEEE Healthcom 2015  Usman Pervez, Asiah Mahmood, Osman Hasan, Khalid Latif and Amjad Gawanmeh