Standards Compliant Electronic Medical Record and
Device Interoperability Framework


Milestone 1:

Project team setup completed.

Elapsed Months Deliverables Status
3 1.1 Team hiring and hardware commissioning Completed
1.2 Project website Completed

Milestone 2:

EMR system analysis completed.

6 2.1 SRS document for the proposed EMR system Completed
2.2 Review report covering Archetypes and Reference Model Completed

Milestone 3:

Interface design and mockups completed for Registration System, Appointment System, Payment System, Patient Queuing, and Order Entry system

9 3.1 Interface design document and mockups of all sub-systems Completed

Milestone 4:

Detailed EMR design completed.

12 4.1 Report on system architecture and sub-systems Completed
4.2 Detailed design document including system component interaction/flow Completed

Milestone 5:

Hardware design & protocol finalization.

15 7.1 Device integration and workflow document Completed
7.2 Design document explaining standard device communication protocol Completed

Milestone 6:

DICOM based devices integration framework completed.

18 8.1 Framework document for the DICOM based devices integration with EMR Completed
8.2 Sample DICOM based device integration DEMO Completed

Milestone 7:

Medical devices interfacing completed.

21 9.1 Report on interfacing of medical devices using HL7/DICOM Completed
9.2 Design and interfacing report for laboratory equipment (e.g. pathology analyzers or blood analyzers) Completed
9.3 Demonstration of medical device interfacing Completed
9.4 System deployment manual Completed

Milestone 8:

Software development completed.

24 5.1 Software demonstration and documentation Completed

Milestone 9:

Software testing and revision completed.

27 6.1 Report on HL7 compliance Completed
6.2 Report on test cases and code revision Completed

Milestone 10:

System integration, revision and testing completed, Piloting.

30 10.1 Report on research publications and patent submission Completed
10.2 Report on project piloting at Shaukat Khanum Hospital Completed
10.3 Project completion report Completed
10.4 Demo of completed project pilot Completed