Standards Compliant Electronic Medical Record and
Device Interoperability Framework

Emerging Trends in Lab Automation and training of Lab Standards


Lab automation and interoperability is an important step in modernizing healthcare systems. Lab automation comprises of automating the workflows and interfacing the medical lab devices with the system. The aim of this workshop is to train participants from various fields in lab automation and lab/device interoperability. The participants will not only be educated on the modern trends in lab informatics but also the importance, implications and implementations of healthcare standards will be addressed in the workshop.


Poor lab automation results in erroneous/incorrect lab results leading to serious issues in diagnostics sometimes leading to the death of patients. There is a need to reduce the chances of such errors/mistakes of humans by automating major part of the project.

Who can participate:
  • Doctors/Practitioners
  • Lab technicians
  • Lab managers
  • Medical device vendors/lab service providers
  • Students

Venue: SEECS-NUST, H-12 Islamabad
Time: Thursday, July 30 at 10:00am - 1:00pm

The event is free for the first 50 participants. After that Rs. 1000 will be charged per participant.
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Zohair Mustaqeem
Phone No: +92-51-9085-2087